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Instead, start with your needs and match them to the machine, using our guide below.

-- Ending #3 To get Ending #2: city map, go to Jasmine`s place. The story was a little short, but the graphics were good.

To get Ending #3, go to Blue`s apartement and Blue`s room. "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration" -- Not to shabby.

But the movie is what it looks like when mindless slumming convinces itself that it’s hip.

Shepard has a distinctive fugly appeal — he’s tall and loose-limbed, with the preening confidence of a star, and with eccentric features that are just this side of handsome.

- part 2: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the green arrow. (select the 2 dialog options) - To get ending #4: "Say, that she can explain everything to the police" - (To continue:) Listen to what she has to say - To get ending #4: Reject her proposition - (To continue:) Move closer and kiss her (handle the oral sex scene like the previous one) (not needed to get an ending, to have sex with Blue) Go to Blue`s room. A little more imagination would have been better for the game. do se stalo.) @Nico3 - Yes, you have to get Jasmine to pay you up front so you can get the $100 you need for the car key. First of all, i think when ryan discover the one who stole the painting is ms blue.. I felt as if "i", as the player, is giving blowjob to the guy (i`m a male player). great effort would love to have it longer not harder hmmm maybe a smidgen.........hahahh Very nice game overall.

- part 3: move your mouse from the left to the right, like on the yellow arrow. Demand something more - the case is quite difficult Remove her dress Start to touch her (handle the sex scene how you want) If "Ask her to explose her ass": clitoris, pussy. In this order, until it fills the gauge: "Warm welcome, gentle penetration, Passionate ride, Deep Penetration") (/not needed to get an ending) City map. You must aks your client Blue Santana for the money in advance. The sentence is: "Ask about some money in advance." (It´s the third sentence from top. Then when you present the key to the girl, you need to answer that you`re going to keep the key until she wires the money; she goes back to your office with you. I think it would feel more sexier if the blowjob scene is from a top down angle so you feel like `you`re" the one getting the blowjob. All games on this site sheer fraud, and many games are generally not available to play. pretty good like most but the guys slut of a ex-wife she just makes you mad trying to torture him asking him for what she does he even says it if he goes there alone. Ryan`s just as bad as Jasmine, both are sluts and well suited for each other. Wish there was an ending with the blond girl or is there an ending to that?The single peaked at number nine on the Billboard Hot 100; "Canadian Idiot" also charted, peaking at number 82. Aside from the aforementioned "White & Nerdy" and "Canadian Idiot", the album also contains lampoons of "Confessions Part II" by Usher, "Do I Make You Proud" by Taylor Hicks, and "Trapped in the Closet" by R. The other half of the album is original material, featuring many "style parodies", or musical imitations of existing artists.These style parodies include imitations of specific artists like Brian Wilson, Rage Against the Machine, Sparks, animated musical specials, Cake, and 1980s charity songs.The musical styles on the album are built around parodies and pastiches of pop and rock music of the mid-2000s.The album's lead single, "White & Nerdy", is a parody of Chamillionaire's hit single "Ridin'".Baker, after years of training, has worked his way up into the storied ranks of the California Highway Patrolmen, on their wide-bodied Ducati bikes. As a TV show, “CHi Ps” had some fairly elaborate action set pieces for its time, but in “CHIPS” all the speed and mayhem is a numbing semi-joke: Evel Knievel meets “Bad Boys IV.” Baker gets teamed with a new officer who, unbeknownst to him, is an FBI agent.

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