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Contax began as a camera model in the Zeiss Ikon line in 1932, and later became a brand name.The early cameras among the finest in the world typically featuring high quality Zeiss interchangeable lenses.137,418-200,520 1912 208,473-249,350 1913 249,886-282,739 1914 282,800-284,500 1915 285,200-288,100 1916 289,087-298,157 1917 298,215-322,748 1918 322,799-351,611 1919 375,194-419,823 1920 433,273-438,361 1921 422,899-498,006 1922 561,270-578,297 1923 578,297631,501 1924 631,500-648,500 1925 666,790-703,198 1926 722,196-798,251 1927 903,100-908,150 1928 919,794-1,016,885 1929 922,488-1,239,697 1930 1,239,699-1,365,582 1931 1,364,483-1,389,279 1932 1,436,671-1,456,003 1933 1,500,474-1,590,000 1934 1,615,764-1,752,303 1935 1,674,882-1,942,806 1936 1,930,150-2,219,775 1937 2,267,991-2,527,984 1938 2,527,999-2,651,211 1939 2,652,000-c2,678,000 1940 2,678,326-2,790,346 1941 2,800,000- ?

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50mm f/4 CF (fits Hasselblad V system, B60 bayonet filters, this sample from 1983, 27.8 oz./789 g, 1.5'/18.2"/0.46m close focus, about $300 ~ $650 used if you know How to Win at e Bay.) bigger. The ring turns about 240º from infinity to close-focus distance. It feels better than the C version; it's softer and easier to set the aperture and shutter speeds. These are typical for Hasselblad, but no one else uses them. Don't get your hopes up; in spite of the showy multicoating, the multicoating isn't that great, and with seven separate elements, flare can be pretty bad. There are no lateral color fringes seen on Velvia on the light table or as scanned at 2,400 DPI. Macro gets close enough to fit something about 12" (300mm) square in the 2¼" frame. This is a real ZEISS lens made by ZEISS in Germany, not some offshore rubbish made by Sony or Cosina and simply branded "Zeiss" for show.

A basic, one lens system worth many 1000s of Euros then, now only fetches only something between 5.

Lenses are still expensive but still a lot cheaper compared to prices a few years back. Hasselblad model history he origins of the world-famous 6 x 6 cube from Sweden dates back to 1948.

Being an active photographer himself, he wanted to construct a small camera with a negative format that allowed for high quality pictures.

The cube shape was taken from well known camera manufacturers such as Ernemann and Ihagee but unlike his examples, he built up a real camera system where film backs, lenses and view finders could easily be exchanged during picture taking.

The single inspiring factor was the promising new Compur shutter, based on Zeiss Ikon’s Contaflex experience, and the fact that Zeiss committed them selves to manufacture the new range of lenses.

The shutter would be an integral part of every interchangeable Hasselblad lens.

Realizing this, Hasselblad decided to start almost from scratch in order to make a more reliable model.

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