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Most of us duly read our weekly Horoscope predictions, and make sure to avoid things that need to be avoided and accomplish things that need to be accomplished.Horoscopes especially come in handy when we, Russian girls, start dating.

Here is an example of the Chinese horoscope in Russian.

You can read about how the year of Rabbit affected signs of zodiac this year in Russian here. While browsing videos on You Tube, I came across this funny horoscope, that is a bit outdated (it was put together for year 2007), but it’s really funny!

See instructions at Wiktionary: Entry layout#Translations.

With time and bad experiences, dating can begin to feel more like “The Shining” and less like “Sleepless in Seattle.” Don’t give up.

It would help you to get quickly accustomed to everyday Russian.

If you would like to say in Russian – “the year of the Rabbit”, you need to use Genitive case for all of the astrological animal signs: New Years celebration in Russian speaking countries starts with predictions as to how the animal sign of the given year would affect each individual sign of zodiac.

That’s what this is about.” The data that big corporations collect from Black broadband users leads to predatory marketing, which starts at a young age and lasts throughout our lives.

Without the crucial FCC regulations implemented last year, Black and marginalized communities will continue to experience online price gouging, data discrimination, and digital redlining.

Do you think we are just being curious by wondering when your Birthday is?

Check this out: the minute we get back home from our date (that is if it went well), we google your horoscope in an attempt to Reading horoscopes in Russian could be a powerful language learning tool.

Putting the interests of Internet providers over Internet users, Congress today voted to erase landmark broadband privacy protections.

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