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Joachim Löw, their coach, insisted that the team had opted for the 42-minute Tube ride because of London's "terrible traffic", flatly ruling out the suggestion that the idea was a publicity stunt. Compare the image of modest, Tube–travelling German footballers with a photograph of the British Premier league player Robin van Persie that appeared in the German and UK media last month: it showed the Manchester United star clutching a large metal ring with bunches of keys for each of his five cars attached.

They included two Porches, a BMW X5, a Range Rover and an Audi.

The exquisite sound of Cologne’s cathedral choir drifted out into the cool night air of the city’s main square on Wednesday evening.

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She is just one of 120 women who were abused that horrific night in the square, which is dotted with bars, nightclubs and coffee shops, and is where Cologne locals have seen in the New Year for centuries.

The men, speaking Arabic and seemingly either drunk or high on drugs, moved around in large groups among a gathering of around 1,000 male migrants and deliberately targeted women.

"For trips down to the shops, Robin likes to drive his white BMW X5," readers were informed.

The contrast between Teutonic and British soccer culture could hardly be greater.

Maybe that's because she looks so distinctive with her revamped crazed cheerleader fashions. Harley Quinn is an embodiment of all the conflicting things this frankly disastrous new movie, choppily written and directed David Ayer, is attempting to do.

She’s meant to be fun in her I’m so cra-azy way, but she’s also a woman in an abusive relationship the movie has no idea how to handle.

He bought advertising time to run commercials on several cable-news channels. But weirdly, we haven't heard back from them since, which is a little surprising because we are one of the only advertisers willing to buy time on his show at the moment."Fearing that the stations will reject the commercial, Oliver gave his viewers a sneak peek at the ad.

Noting POTUS' apparent addiction to watching and commenting on cable-news stories, Oliver was in New York and D. Like before, it features the "Catheter Cowboy," who starts speaking about catheter tips before slipping in an educational message for the president.

She’s supposed to be strong, and in the literal sense, she does bash things with a baseball bat.

But she’s also a psychological prisoner who has surrendered her sense of self.

Though John Oliver was bothered by it, he wasn't shocked by Donald Trump's defense of Bill O'Reilly amid ongoing allegations of sexual harassment.

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