Female sex chat - Does consolidating student loans hurt my credit score

The relationship between your student loans and your credit scores has two stages.

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Since Federal loans cannot be used for housing or transportation costs, the inability to get a private loan can still prevent some students from attending college.

Applicants for Federal loans should also keep in mind that even with a good credit score, a bankruptcy that was applied for within 90 days of filing a FAFSA application will result in it being rejected.

The loan will be included in your credit history and can affect your creditworthiness as well as your ability to qualify for loans in the future, including cosigning for another student loan.

Although you are just a cosigner, all missed payments will be included in your credit history and future lenders can consider the debt and monthly payment as part of the total amount you owe.

At this point we are all familiar with the problems that student loans are creating for recent graduates and even for those who graduated years ago.

But one important topic that is often overlooked is the effect student loans have on credit scores.

When it comes to student loans, the landscape has certainly changed.

Lenders who used to be major players in the game have disappeared, and the rules governing consolidation aren’t the same anymore. The answer may not be as easy as it seems, but hopefully we can help you navigate those waters.

First, there is getting a student loan or loans for school.

While a credit score is not considered when applying for Federal student loans, a poor one (below 650) can stop an application for a private student loan dead in its tracks.

They’re separate animals, so to speak, and you just shouldn’t try to combine them.

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