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I could talk for hours about the reasons not to lie online, but I’ll save that for later. “Remember that time when I went out with a guy from JDate who had taken me out six years prior, but I didn’t recognize him? v=xyy E70VV4q A.) I’m just talking about a courteous gesture that indicates that the date is over. (If you know me at all, you know I’m a ping pong fiend.) When I got there, I couldn’t find him. Well, he was about 50 pounds heavier than his profile picture and stated weight indicated. Plus, the worst that happens is you might get a funny story out of it.

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But it soon became clear that he was exceedingly boring (like, pulling teeth boring) and a poor sport at losing to me in ping pong. I told him that my workout earlier in the day had really taken it out of me and that I had to go home. If it’s the latter, then your best bet is to stick it out (at least for one drink or a cup of coffee). For the “creepy” bad date (other variants are “scary” bad, “offensive” bad, “mean” bad – you get the picture), the best bet is to (gulp! This is definitely the most awkward choice, but it’s also the most mature. It was nice to meet you, but I don’t want either of us to waste our time, so I thought I’d say that to give us the option to go do something else fun tonight.” Telling a white lie (you’re not feeling well, you ate some bad cheese, you forgot about a work function you have to attend, you’re really tired, etc.) to get out of a date, like I did, isn’t usually the smartest move.

I wasn’t happy that my date lied, but I was already there, so I figured I’d give him the benefit of the doubt. In hindsight, it might have been more appropriate to say that I was disappointed that he had misrepresented his appearance. When it comes to a bad date, first determine the nature of “bad.” Is it “creepy” bad or just “no sparks” bad? I didn’t like him then, and I certainly didn’t like him now! I’m glad I stuck that one out since I’m still telling the story.

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Supposedly conceding, Lily books them a trip to a baby boot camp and starts to drive Marshall to the "Waldorf Paradis," but when he wakes up, Barney's at the wheel, taking them both to Atlantic City so Lily can get a break.

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