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The men recorded her with a cell-phone camera as she described the attack and later posted the video on youtube. Skopje, Macedonia 2010Tiana Markova-Gold, Sabina’s aunt plays with her son while a cousin looks on from the doorway of Sabina’s home in Shutka.Sabina, 28 years old, has five children, four of whom live with her in a one-room house.Hi , i need help , today 30/12/16 around pm on Arestotelos square jsut in front of Electra somone opened my bag and stole my wallet with money and 2 passports inside (mine and my child's) .

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Portal Preš24 informed that four policemen were imprisoned.

Thousands of exhausted refugees from the Middle East, Asia and Africa have crossed on foot from Macedonia into Serbia on their way to the European Union.

The rush over the border on Monday came after Macedonia effectively lifted the blockade of its border with Greece on Sunday, after thousands of refugees stormed past Macedonian police who had been trying to stop their entry by force.

Continuing their journey, about 7,000 refugees, including many women with babies and small children mostly from Syria, had crossed into Serbia over the weekend by Monday morning.As of service to my fit sexy geogous and I penetrated my toy making you wantin.Firstly I want guy or shall we do jerking domination strip flex pole dance lap dance would like them shaved or raw.After they formally ask for an asylum, arrivals have three days to reach the border with Hungary which is rushing to build a barbed wire fence on its border with Serbia to block the refugees.Tiana Markova-Gold, Kristina, 22 years old, is the only transgender or male sex worker who works in the street on a regular basis.Some were pushed in wheelchairs and wheel barrows or walked on crutches.

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