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Ironically, the commuter services inteurbans provided are actually making a comeback as LRT (light rail transit) systems as cities look for alternatives to increasingly crowded highways.What became the classic interurban all began in the 1870's with two key developments; in 1870 Zenobe Gramme unveiled a generator for commercial use while Werner von Siemens showcased the world's first electric locomotive at an exhibition in Berlin, Germany during 1879.When I dream at night, sometimes the dreams respond in literal and comic terms.

Might be the same staff in the office because they are VERY unfriendly and not helpful - like they've been at the same job too long and are just miserable and condescending.

As the first representative of the apartment complex they are just a complete turnoff.

The Stockade Historic District is one of the oldest and best preserved neighborhoods in the United States, with roots dating back to a 17th century Dutch colonial trading settlement.

This is a turn key property with a tremendous growth potential.

A neighborhood of private homes, apartments and professional offices, the Stockade is the historic center of Schenectady.

Restored in the 1950' s and 60' s, the Stockade was recognized as New York State' s first historic district.A lot is happening behind the scenes when we write something down. Usually as we write about our intent, we detail it, and perhaps imagine what our goal may look or feel like to us when it has happened. According to Henriette Anne Klauser, Writing down your dreams and aspirations is like hanging up a sign that says, “Open for Business.” Or, as my friend Elaine puts it, by writing it down, you declare yourself in the game.Putting it on paper alerts the part of your brain known as the reticular activating system to join you in the play.” You start subconsciously filtering what you see, hear and experience alerting yourself to anything related to what you wrote about.We lived in these apartments 30 years ago when we were first starting out and recently moved back for a short term while in between houses.I can say that not much has changed, some updates in appliances/counters/cabinets but same old same old.Much of the trackage was situated east of the Mississippi River as the interurban offered flexibility and affordability for the everyday commuter.

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