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After 14 moves in 16 years the family chose to embrace the nomadic lifestyle that so many fight and begin to enjoy the subtle pleasures that come with life on the open road in the united states.

RV SOLAR COSTS -Doug's Tag-A-Long Restoration Photos -1948 Spartan Frame up Fantastic Restoration-Ron Ross - Larry's 1959 Aluminum Century Trailer Complete Restoration -CLASS C FULL Frame off Restoration by Kevin Crowley - .

Members "opinions" are just that and any repair or alteration comments or recommendations are by folks who are not licenses repair or mechanical professionals.

Go to an RV Super Center like Lazy Days in Florida.

You'll usually see more RV's than even the largest "RV Show", and you'll get to see a lot of used RV's too.

Some of the most frequent questions we’ve gotten over the years (particularly during our summer 2015 bus renovation) have been around the amount we have invested in our RV, and more particularly – why didn’t we just go buy a newer RV with all the features we wanted, rather than building them in ourselves?

Is it really worth the effort the renovate an older RV?

Disclaimer: I've written what I personally did, and/or my opinions. :-) Some of the first questions Fulltime wanna-be's ask are; What RV should we get? Naturally there will be exceptions to everything I say here.

Don't assume what I did was safe, and don't assume it will work for you. So you need to do more research and look at a bunch of RV's and see what works for you.

Its upcycled orange chandelier, kitschy pillows, and faux animal head surround a diner-style table flanked by banquettes covered in fake leather and pink-and-white zebra print.

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