Who is jim sturgess dating

Both of whom are friends of mine, and who wrote glowing recommendations. The Robinson Scholarship is comprehensive, as you know.

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I lived across the street from Philadelphia’s Rittenhouse Square attended Friends Select, Masterman, and Girls High School.

In 2009, he played Gavin Kossef in the crime drama Crossing Over, appearing with Harrison Ford, Ray Liotta and Ashley Judd.

In 2010, Sturgess starred in the film, The Way Back, directed by Peter Weir.

My twin [...] The night our band won the hootenanny at Convention Hall, there was another judge for the contest, Jim’s friend and later our producer, Tommy Picardo (West).

Jim and Tommy met in 1961 when they were both students at Villanova University in Pennsylvania.

I was practicing Gymnastics, wanting to be on the Olympic Team.

But when my mother passed away from breast cancer at thirty-six years old, everything changed!

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