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TOM COLICCHIO, Co-Founder, Food Policy Action: Well, actually, that’s the real number, 40 percent.In fact, when I heard that number about two years ago, that’s what really brought me to this issue.A few seconds over and under and it’s completely ruined, either a mashed potato-like glue or tooth-cracking pick-up-sticks on a plate.

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Even professional chefs have a hard time making it through Bravo’s culinary gauntlet, almost all of them falling prey to at least one of these 17 guaranteed pack-your-knives-and-go moves.

Salty sins, warm sashimi, and attempted murder (aka, serving raw chicken) are just a few of the tell-tale signs your favorite cheftestant is doomed to face the metaphorical chopping block.

But after a holiday hiatus, the cooking competition picked up in 2016 right where it left off in 2015. For these chefs, apparently, all romantic encounters are either "spicy" or "sweet," or maybe they were just limited by the ingredients in the "Top Chef" pantry. Kwame also lets us know that "I'm a romantic when I need to be," which counts as one of the least romantic things ever uttered. Elimination Round First came love, and now comes marriage.

"Top Chef" knew it couldn't compete with re-runs of "It's a Wonderful Life" and rocking New Year's specials. The chefs get started turning their romantic memories into appetizer-sized portions. Jason, however, grabs the win, and immunity in the elimination round, for his charred carrots with dates, brown butter and pine nuts.

LISA DESJARDINS: Many folks in the food waste movement say that some 40 percent of our food grown in this country is unused or wasted.

That’s kind of a hard number to get your head around.-athon, shoving cold nachos into your mouth and staring blankly at Padma’s hair (how does human hair even get that shiny?? You can’t do that, because if you could, you wouldn’t be eating soggy takeout and watching all that Hulu.), when the thought just pops into your head: Hey, I can do this! You’d be working 13-hour days in some smelly kitchen.JUDY WOODRUFF: But first: Roughly 70 billion pounds of food is wasted annually in the United States.The “News Hour”‘s Lisa Desjardins is back from maternity leave, and she caught up this week with chef Tom Colicchio of TV’s “Top Chef.” He was on Capitol Hill to bring attention to the issue of how much is wasted in American and to represent the group he co-founded, Food Policy Action.On the 'Big Gay Wedding,' the fifth episode of season 13 of Bravo's 'Top Chef,' the contestants had to cater a wedding. Quick Fire Challenge You could see this one coming all the way from Napa. Our man Isaac, however, goes with a Guinea hen stuffed with currants, like the one he and his wife, Amanda, ate in Paris on their 10th wedding anniversary. The contestants have to cater a wedding, hosted by none other than chef Art Smith, best known as the man who fed Oprah. Twenty five gay couples will get married with Padma officiating.

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