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The switch then ignores advertisements with a different management domain name or an earlier configuration revision number.

When you make a change to the VLAN configuration on a VTP server, the change is propagated to all switches in the VTP domain.

Always use show vtp status to check revision numbers.

The default VTP mode is server mode, but VLANs are not propagated over the network until a management domain name is specified or learned.

If the switch receives a VTP advertisement over a trunk link, it inherits the management domain name and configuration revision number.

I have multiple switches connected by trunks, most on the same vtp domain.

Two of the switches are VTP Servers – an Agg pair, and the others are either Transparent or clients.

The invention of VLANs was very much welcomed by all engineers and administrators, allowing them to extend, redesign and segment their existing network with minimal costs, while at the same time making it more secure, faster and reliable!

If you're responsible for a network of up to 4-6 switches that include a few VLANs, then you'll surely agree that it's usually a low overhead to administer them and periodically make changes - most engineers can live with that:) Ask now an engineer who's in charge of a medium to a large scale network and you will definately not receive the same answer, simply because these small changes can quickly become a nightmare and if you add the possibility of human error, then the result could be network outages and possibly downtime.A switch is configured to be in only one VTP domain.You make global VLAN configuration changes for the domain by using the Cisco IOS command-line interface (CLI), Cisco Visual Switch Manager Software, or Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).The only time that I’ve used VTP server/client is in the lab.I tried to find more information on the “Local updater ID” but came back pretty empty.If you remove a switch and place it in your lab, you may create additional VLANs or delete all configured VLANs — either of which will increase the revision number.

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