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The early immigrants were joined later by freely-migrating people from India's merchant castes, mostly from Gujarat.

European immigrants came primarily from Australia, New Zealand, and Great Britain. The republic includes approximately 320 islands, but only about one hundred are inhabited.

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After their term of service, many remained in Fiji.

Some became merchants and business-people, others remained on the land as free peasant cultivators. When I'm not at work I enjoy spending my days by the beach and getting out and about.Read news digest here: view the latest Fijilive articles and content updates right away or get to their most visited pages.Until the advent of colonial rule in 1873, the population of Viti Levu, the principal island of the Fiji group, was divided into hierarchically organized coastal peoples and more egalitarian highland peoples in the interior.People from different parts of India, now called Indo-Fijians, came to work as indentured laborers on sugar plantations.Fijilive provides services and opportunities for single people to find their Fiji lovers online through Fijilive Dating.

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