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Looking for a solution to obtain the latest FTA Keys for your FTA reciever?

Tired of FTA sites that are full of ads and out dated FTA FTA files?

This unit comes with a front USB 2.0 port, conveniently play MP3 files, view JPEG images, and software upgrade via USB flash drive.

Coolsat 6100 Private is the only unit, which will allow you to replace a burned fuse in the event of a power surge.

All levels of access on our private board includes fast downloads, the latest factory files, the newest FTA Files, the latest LOADER files and applications such as CNX PROJECT and now LIVE SUPPORT CHAT for paid members.

You will find your membership on our FTA FORUM to be your one stop solution for the latest FTA information and tutorials.

Continuing the tradition case excellence, the Coolsat 6000 Premium comes with a Universal Remote control to easily control your television or receiver volume and other electronics.

The Coolsat 6000 has quickly become the top selling FTA receiver in North America.

We have huge quantities in stock and will do our best to make sure you get the color you want.

If it is out of stock we will ship you the same receiver in a different color.

A free-to-air or FTA Receiver is a satellite television receiver designed to receive unencrypted broadcasts.

Modern decoders are typically compliant with the MPEG-2/DVB-S and more recently the MPEG-4/DVB-S2 standard for digital television, while older FTA receivers relied on analog satellite transmissions which have declined rapidly in recent years.

The New Coolsat 8000 HD (In stock inspected and ready to ship!

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